Whether you are facing a health crisis or simply want to maximize health and longevity, Boston Osteopathic Health is here to meet your needs. At Boston Osteopathic Health, we combine traditional osteopathic manipulation with both conventional and alternative medicine to provide a more comprehensive approach to health. We see our patients as whole human beings taking into consideration body, mind, and spirit. Each person is unique and requires individualized analysis and treatment. Here at Boston Osteopathic Health we work with the innate healing forces in the body and look for the root cause of disease so our patients can achieve their highest potential.  

Our Mission

As a traditional osteopathic practice we strive to restore health rather than fight disease. Our mission is to continue the work of Andrew Taylor Still, MD, the father of osteopathy, who stated that physicians should devote themselves to caring for a person’s Health. This uncovered a truth that has provided a guiding principle for the osteopathic profession.

We practice minimally invasive medicine. First we use treatments that are as natural as possible and have the lowest risk for side effects while saving medications and surgery as a last resort. For all our patients we provide nutrition and exercise advice as well as perform osteopathic manipulation. If needed, we will add supplements, herbs, medications, injections, or whatever else necessary to help our patients get better. We will also refer to both conventional (neurology, orthopedics, etc.) and alternative (acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.) medicine specialists when appropriate.

Our physicians utilize the full range of Osteopathic modalities, with an emphasis on Cranial Osteopathy and Biodynamics. Our practice welcomes patients of all ages and provides osteopathic care for the full spectrum of their healthcare concerns.